Black Spice May Not Come Back -- Here Is Why The 'Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star Is Angry With Some Women Of Color Amid Skin Bleaching Controversy

Black Spice May Not Come Back -- Here Is Why The 'Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star Is Angry With Some Women Of Color Amid Skin Bleaching Controversy
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Black Spice is not coming back, and fans of the Jamaican reality TV star are beyond furious over the update.

Recently, Grace "Spice" Hamilton, of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta fame, made jaws drop when she decided to reveal her new skin color. The talented singer opted to bleach her skin to have a lighter complexion.

Spice originally claimed that she made the drastic move as a stunt to promote her new single, "Black Hypocrisy," which focuses on colorism.

However, this week, Spice shared a post that saddened many of her fans because it seems like the change of skin color is here to stay.

She said: "Want you to know that I see all the comments. Now every one begging me back for the "Black" spice but did they appreciate the "black" spice when I was repping for dark skin women for 30 years? When I should have been encouraged and thanked I was being dragged for my complexion by the same black women. So should I haunt you with #coconutmilk for 30 more years? I hear some say ok spice we get it now and I learn my lesson but have you? They say it's Makeup but is it?

A sad fan wrote: "I like the way you looked before this isn’t you it’s kinda crazy how you want to be white but you are Jamaican what example you setting you took the coward way out now you look a mess."

Another supporter stated: "Spice I'm well disappointed because I'm fighting against black bleaching if you were proud of your color of nature, why listening to others by bleaching out? Because you are a very beautiful Brown skin woman and now you really went there im an artist that lost big tv 's shows like you can dance Germany and big label contracts because of my colourish and I never pleased them, and you are doing me that noooo sisla don't ever bow out of who you are you loose more now by being a follower. Because loved your music while you were browskinchoclatelicious."

This third follower claimed: "I just don’t see how bleaching is supposed to teach people to love their skin... lol doesn’t that seem counter intuitive and counterproductive? These celebrities abuse their platforms."

A recent study revealed that about 11 percent of Jamaicans had bleached their skin.

More men than women use bleaching products despite health experts' warning that the chemicals such as mercury are harmful to their health.

Many famous Jamaicans artists such as Vybz Kartel and Alkaline have bleached their skin.

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