Black Panther Was Nearly Ruined By Anthony Anderson Claims The Actor

Black Panther Was Nearly Ruined By Anthony Anderson Claims The Actor
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According to a report from, Anthony Anderson joked that he nearly ruined the immensely successful blockbuster, Black Panther. When the Black-ish lead actor stopped by Showtime's Desus and Mero recently, he sat down with the hosts and detailed how he nearly injured the main star, Chadwick Boseman.

The Black-ish star said he and Chadwick were playing basketball together, and he "had position and then I just stuck my a*s out like Charles Barkley and them would do back in the day and the motherf*cker fell on his back." Anthony said it was Chadwick Boseman, and he nearly derailed the filming process.

Reportedly, Black Panther was supposed to start filming around that same time. The actor said everybody "turned" on him, and there was almost no Black Panther because of the near-injury. Luckily, however, things worked out for the better and the movie went off without a hitch.

You can check out the video of Anthony telling the story himself below:

Released in 2018, Black Panther grossed over $1 billion, ending the longheld presupposition that a nearly all-black cast couldn't succeed massively at the box office, due to being unrepresentative of the population in which the film is produced and released.

The movie was awarded several nominations at the Academy Awards, including a nod for Best Picture. Some industry insiders took issue with the fact the film was nominated for Best Picture due to the fact it's not the typical drama that receives a nomination.

Following the film's success, other entertainment stars, including P. Diddy, came out and said the movie was proof that when black-Americans are given the resources to succeed, they can easily do so. However, P. Diddy also said the film served as a "cruel experiment."

According to a report from IndieWire, P. Diddy said Black Panther wasn't a big enough sign that Hollywood and other industries are allowing a forceful inclusion of Black-Americans. Sean Combs, commonly known as P. Diddy, said despite the film's success, big companies are still hesitating when it comes to bringing black-American talent to leadership positions.


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