Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman Laid To Rest In South Carolina Cemetery

Black Panther Star Chadwick Boseman Laid To Rest In South Carolina Cemetery
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The Associated Press obtained a death certificate this week which confirmed that Chadwick Boseman , the  Black Panther  star, was buried near his South Carolina home. Friends and family of the actor laid him to rest approximately six days after his death in his LA home.

Chadwick's body was buried at a local cemetery in Belton, South Carolina, which is around 11 miles away from Anderson, his hometown. Municipal officials held a memorial for the actor just a day after his death was revealed.

As it was previously reported, Boseman died on the 28th of August at his LA home near Griffith Park. Four years ago, Chadwick was told by doctors he had colon cancer, and he spent the following days trying to get better. His death certificate states he died from organ failure.

Four years ago, doctors removed his colon, however, in March of this year, cancer had spread throughout his body which required laparoscopic surgery.

As most know, Boseman's cancer struggle wasn't revealed to the public until after he died. He appeared in several Marvel movies as well as the film, 42 . Following his death, many in the movie industry commemorated the actor's death, including Samuel L. Jackson and Denzel Washingto n.

Before he died, Chadwick reportedly spent a lot of his free time visiting terminally ill children in hospitals around the country. During past interviews, he broke down in tears as he explained how children he had visited claimed they wanted to see the movie before they passed.

Earlier this year, the death of Chadwick led to controversy collateral for other public figures, including Shaun King , who came under fire for editing a mass email that promoted his book.

King claimed he had written an email approximately one year before his book's publishing, however, with Chadwick's death, King said he went back and included a brief line about the fallen actor.

Some social media users accused King of trying to profit off of his death, but King said he had already been paid more than a year ago for the book he had written.

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