Blac Chyna’s Victory! Dream’s Mother To Get $20K A Month From Rob In Long-Awaited Custody Deal

Blac Chyna’s Victory! Dream’s Mother To Get $20K A Month From Rob In Long-Awaited Custody Deal

Despite making peace, Blac Chyna’s attorney still slammed her former fiancé for defaming her client. After months of battling it out, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have finally reached an agreement, and she even dropped the restraining order.

Chyna’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom revealed that the mother of two is very happy to be able to co-parent with her baby daddy and also corrected some false rumors according to which Rob got more than 50% custody of Dream.

Another untrue statement that the attorney denied was that Chyna left baby Dream at home this past weekend while she went out to party.

‘This is a false and outrageous statement. Like many working mothers, Chyna does sometimes leave her baby with a nanny while at work. Rob should stop defaming the mother of his child and should become accustomed to the concept of working for a living — something Chyna's always done before, during and after her relationship with him to support herself and her children.’

Bloom also revealed that despite dropping the restraining order, Rob will still not be able to be less than 100 yards close to her.

Even though she agreed to drop the domestic abuse accusations, she can always go back to court if he comes too close to her.

And although they did make peace, some things are still unresolved between the former couple.

In addition, the man is not allowed to spend any time with the baby girl without being supervised by Chyna.

Another source has also revealed that Rob agreed to pay Chyna no less than $13,000 in child support every month as well as $7,000 for the nannies.

The same insider claimed Chyna’s legal fees in the last few months piled up to a whopping $300,000 and Kardashian did not pay for her as she initially requested.

Finally, the source revealed that there was just one reason for Rob to defame Chyna and that was because he was jealous of the fact that she moved on and has a new boyfriend.

The legal war was not about Dream at all – he was just trying to get revenge and hurt his baby mama.


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