Blac Chyna's Show Will Definitely Be The Bomb - See This Shocking Scene With Her Mom, Tokyo Toni: 'The Real May Not Be Pretty'

Blac Chyna's Show Will Definitely Be The Bomb - See This Shocking Scene With Her Mom, Tokyo Toni: 'The Real May Not Be Pretty'
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As you all know, Blac Chyna has been working on a new docu-series, and her mom will be a part of it as well. Chyna revealed some details about this reality show that she's been working on during her recent interview with Wendy Williams.

During the interview, at one point, Chyna said that she is planning a docu-series and she’d like her mom to be included as well.

Soon after the interview aired, Tokyo Toni hopped online and made a video, saying that she would definitely love to be in Chyna’s series, and that was all.

These two have reunited , and they have also made sure to publicly profess their love for one another on social media.

Now, Chyna posted a pretty rough clip from the show on her social media account, explaining that this is her real life that's going to be revealed and what's real is not always pretty to watch.

Here's her video below.

'Change doesn't happen overnight. There's no button that's pushed to magically alter everything. Change happens little by little. Day by day. Hour by hour... This is my life ... “The Real Blac Chyna ❤️ Watch on @thezeusnetwork' Chyna captioned the clip.


She continued and highlighted the fact that 'This Is My Life.. The Real May Not Be Pretty.. or what you think it should be, but it is Me ❤️'

Someone commented: 'Can't wait to see your show and change doesn't happen overnight your so right.'

One follower said, 'I love you girl. Can’t wait to hear your story ❤️'

A person wrote this: 'For those acting so confused, it is very possible that Parents can be toxic. Don’t mean we love them no less . Don’t mean we have an unforgiving heart.'

Someone else said: 'I feel bad for Chyna because she probably had to deal with this all her life. I hate when 'parents' tell their children that they took care of them and did all the things they did for them, hellooooo you're the parent, it's what you're supposed to do! This has to be irritating af!'

Some fans said that this is only for the show and the ladies are simply acting. They said that this is not real life at all, but one follower came and responded: 'Idgaf if they acting or not I’m watching this cuz even if it’s acting it’s depicting real life.'

What do you think about the clip? Will you be watching Chyna's show?


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