Blac Chyna's Legal Battle With Her Landlord Heats Up

Blac Chyna's Legal Battle With Her Landlord Heats Up
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Blac Chyna is in another legal battle, a report from Page Six revealed. According to the outlet, Blac Chyna is firing back against her landlord who sued her for $48,000 in the previous year.

Page Six obtained the court documents from the Los Angeles Superior Court in which the case was laid out for all to see. According to Chyna in the papers, she never damaged the property in the way that Kremerman had previously suggested.

However, in the court docs, the Lashed Bar owner did admit that she could pay money for a damaged sink, remaining rent, as well as the cost of a popcorn machine. The sum total of these three costs is just $4,700 approximately.

Lynne Ciani, Blac Chyna's lawyer, said to Page Six this Thursday that Chyna intends on countersuing her ex-landlord over the claim he made against her. Chyna and her lawyer argued that he was trying to get rent money out of her when he didn't even own the property.

Ciani made the case that Mr. Kremerman is just trying to "have his cake and eat it too," by getting more rent money out of her even though he sold the property for several million dollars back in March 2019. Zillow was the first to report on the case.

According to Page Six, Chyna and her attorney will appear in court against her former landlord on the 26th of June. As it was previously reported, Kremerman first sued Chyna in April 2019, accusing her of bailing on the lease five months too soon and not paying rent either.

At the time, Kremerman said she owed him $55,546 for rent but used part of her security deposit to pay for the costs. However, he later added another $18,000 for the damages she purportedly did to the home.

Thus far, the court case involving Kremerman hasn't been favorable to Chyna. She was ordered by a judge in January of this year to pay $72,000 because she never bothered responding to his suit against her.

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