Blac Chyna's Kids Reportedly Love Her New Single

Blac Chyna's Kids Reportedly Love Her New Single
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Blac Chyna recently dropped some new music, and her fans were here for it. They made sure to praise the result in the comments, and diehard fans were really proud of their favorite celebrity.

It's been also recently revealed that Blac Chyna’s kids love her new single, ‘Seen Her.’

The young mom had a talk with Life & Style exclusively that both her kids, King Cairo and Dream Kardashian are appreciating her work as an artist.

'Dream, she’s so funny,' Chyna said. She continued and said: 'She’s like, ‘Mommy, play your song. Play it again, play it again.'

King also loves his mom’s new single.

'My nanny, Cheeky, was telling King, she was like, ‘King, isn’t this so cool that your daddy and your mommy [are rappers]?’ He was like, ‘I guess that is kind of cool, huh?’ And we just started busting out laughing. That is so funny,' she said.

Not too long ago, it's been revealed that Blac Chyna  made her fans crazy with excitement when  she finally dropped her very first single  called ‘Seen Her.’

It's also worth mentioning the fact that a lot of people love it, and some even suggested that Chyna should be teaming up for some new music with  Nicki Minaj .

Fans told her that her music is bomb and a lot of them were not even expecting it.

A follower told her: 'Get that money girl! The Kardashian’s might have tried to black call her on tv, social media, and elsewhere, but I’m all for supporting a woman trying to make money!'

Someone said: 'The good thing about this is that she didn't have to pay a stripper for a cameo ...I like the clip and sound tho ..good luck Chyna I love you.'

Another person posted: 'Am happy for Chyna. This is a very responsible path she's taken for herself and kids. She'll get better with time. Please Cardi ghostwriter, better come write lyrics for the person who needs it.'

Do you like Chyna's song?

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