Blac Chyna's Fans Finally Found The Way To Prove She's Light-Skinned -- Here's The Photo

Blac Chyna's Fans Finally Found The Way To Prove She's Light-Skinned -- Here's The Photo
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You may know that Blac Chyna has been accused of lightening her skin with various cosmetic products. She used to promote a skin lightening cream, and that's when most haters bashed her and said that she's a bad example towards young black women.

Back then, it was also reported that Rob Kardashian himself was upset with Chyna promoting such products.

In his opinion, this was teaching young women to be unsatisfied with their looks and try to change them.

Now, Chyna shared a throwback pic featuring herself in her school years, and you can definitely see that her skin was lighter back then as well.

This is what her diehard fan used to slam haters who have been claiming Chyna is lightening her skin.

Here's the pic below which Chyna captioned with her real name: 'Angela White.'

Someone commented 'Been telling people you are light skin you just tan. But people love to argue with me.🙄'

Another follower said 'Finally these comments are positive people are so rude and hateful towards her.'

One other person gushed over Chyna and wrote 'U look so adorable cute even when u was a baby lol.'

A supporter also addressed the color of her skin:'Thanks for this, she is indeed light skin from way back.'

It was also recently reported that Chyna made her fans cry with the latest video that she posted.

We can see her pregnant with baby Dream, and King is also in the video.

People have been accusing her of not taking enough care of her kids, and some followers even slammed her for not posting enough pics with her two children.

So, the video mentioned above came like a breath of fresh air for her accusers.

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