Blac Chyna's Fans Are Debating Her Latest Social Media Message Regarding Her Kids And Baby Daddies

Blac Chyna's Fans Are Debating Her Latest Social Media Message Regarding Her Kids And Baby Daddies
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After Blac Chyna made headlines by making fun of Tekashi 69's latest arrest , now she managed to create a controversy among her fans with the latest Instagram message. She mentioned her two kids and their fathers Tyga and Rob Kardashian.

Speaking of Rob, just recently, The Blast was able to obtain the legal documents from Blac Chyna and Rob’s custody battle.

Rob was claiming that he had been emotionally hurt by Chyna and also that, given the fact she has more money than him,  she should pay him child support .

Chyna reacted to all the allegations , and she said that she hasn't been getting any help or child support.

Now, The Shade Room made a print screen of her message and shared it to their Instagram account. People started to debate her situation in the comments section.

'A single mother is with no support of the father period. Ur not a single mother ur just SINGLE,' someone wrote.

Another follower said 'This girl!! She chose to be a SINGLE MOM!!!!! Their are other single parents out there struggling to make ends meet!!!!!!! 20k a month to keep up with ur lifestyles you mean!!!!! Some single parents have to take the bus to go to work!! Meanwhile you have many cars and a big house !!!! If you can’t keep up with the payments then downgrade!!! The prob is she has to show ig she got it.'

Someone else posted 'Kids don’t care about luxury, they need their basic needs met daily and adequate supervision.'

Another person said 'Lol child support is for absent fathers, not for men who take their kids and spend time with them. ?'

Someone else believes that these two kids should be living their best lives: 'The kids need to live their best life outside playing inside buying them nothing but materialistic things. They’re not worried about having 12 cars in the driveway that they can’t drive. And let’s not forget who paid for your mommy makeover either. ???'

A commenter wrote 'Give the fathers sole custody then they can. If you don’t want to do that, then be happy with what the courts awarded you. ?'

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  • Charlene Manning
    Charlene Manning Nov 20, 2018 7:21 AM PST

    I understand you want to give them alifesryle you feel they deserve. But how about teaching them a life lesson that what goes up must come down and teaching them to live modestly? This child support you are getting won't last forever and I pray you are teaching them to enjoy their riches and that some people are not as fortunate and are happy, humble and good people money doesn't buy happiness baby!

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