Blac Chyna Updates Fans On Her Upcoming Reality Show - See Her Video Here

Blac Chyna Updates Fans On Her Upcoming Reality Show - See Her Video Here
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Blac Chyna is working on her docu-series, the reality show in which her mom, Tokyo Toni will take part as well, as already reported. Chyna teased fans a couple of days ago with a scene from the show and it was pretty tough to watch because it was about a fight she had with Toni.

Now, Chyna shared another video in which she addresses fans and offers her gratitude to everyone who subscribed to Zeus network.

She also said that even though it's not easy to make this project she's still doing it. Watch her video below.


'Thank you for all the support, “The Real Blac Chyna” is coming soon! ❤️ Subscribe @thezeusnetwork,' Chyna captioned her post.

Fans were excited and some people even told Chyna that they can relate to her story and they cannot wait to watch her show.

A fan said 'I Am so happy and proud of you Chyna, we love you & can't wait for your show to air 💯💯💯💯💯❤️'

Someone else asked, 'When is it coming out? I'm not subscribing until it's out. I can't wait!'

One other commenter said, 'I never met you but I wish I could - I relate to so much it's unreal.'

A person said, 'Congratulations....I can definitely relate can’t wait to watch it...😘'

During the interview that Chyna has with W#endy Williams, at one point, Chyna said that she is planning a docu-series and she’d like her mom to be included as well.

Soon after the interview aired,  Tokyo Toni hopped online and made a video, saying that she would definitely love to be in Chyna’s show.  These two have reunited.

Since then, they have been posting each other on social media and proclaiming their love for one another in public.

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