Blac Chyna Thinks Rob Kardashian And Alexis Skyy Are Dating To Get Under Her Skin And They Won't Last!

Blac Chyna Thinks Rob Kardashian And Alexis Skyy Are Dating To Get Under Her Skin And They Won't Last!
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It turns out that Blac Chyna is not at all worried about baby daddy Rob Kardashian’s new relationship with Alexis Skyy. One new insider report claims that the woman is convinced she is with the Kardashian only for clout and that they will not last.

One source tells TMZ that Chyna is not sweating over Rob and Alexis’ romance.

She is supposedly convinced the woman is with her baby daddy because she is ‘clout chasing’ not because she loves him.

So because she allegedly has an agenda, Chyna thinks that the Love and Hip Hop star will dump the only Kardashian son as soon as she gets more popularity.

Meanwhile, Alexis not only proceeded to follow almost all of his sisters on Instagram, but she also accused Blac Chyna of throwing a drink at her while they were both at the same party on January 12.

The insider also tells the outlet that Blac Chyna doesn’t think Rob is truly into Alexis either and that they are publicly dating each other only to get under her skin.

But apparently, the former stripper is not worried about her daughter with Rob, Dream, being around Alexis now that they are together.

The reason for that, another source tells the outlet, is that she and Rob agreed to not introduce their child to any partners within the first six months of dating.

And since Chyna is convinced they will not last so long, she has no worries.

Their agreement is actually pretty standard in custody cases, and they exist in order to avoid the young child getting attached to someone that might be in their life for a very short period of time.

When Rob was accused by fans of dating Alexis to make Chyna jealous, he tweeted: ‘Me and Alexis have known each other for 5 years so stop with that.’

Soon after, Chyna’s boyfriend Kid Buu, asked Alexis directly if she’s with Rob for clout and she made it very clear that she actually loves him!


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