Blac Chyna Thanks Fans For Coming Out To Support Her New Skin Bleaching Venture After Scuffle In Nigeria

Blac Chyna Thanks Fans For Coming Out To Support Her New Skin Bleaching Venture After Scuffle In Nigeria
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Blac Chyna's highly criticized promotional visit to Nigeria got off to a rocky start. It seems to have turned into a success judging by her latest Instagram posts.

The mother of two took to social media to thank her fans for coming out to support her. The photos and videos show Chyna and her new business partner Dencia greeting and mingling with fans that showed up to their launch and day party in Lagos Nigeria.

"Today was amazing I wanna thank everyone that came to support me and business partner @iamdencia @whitenicious for this amazing launch in Nigeria."


Chyna has limited her comment section due to the backlash that she's been receiving the past week since the partnership was announced.

Yesterday, the model didn't receive a warm welcome to the motherland judging by the video circulating on social media. She appears to be arguing with someone while getting out of the car to fight while her team restrains her.

The 30-year-old allegedly doesn't use the product herself, but is just doing ads for it.

Meanwhile, there is a debate on what the cream is actually for. Cameroonian singer Dencia, who owns the company, explained that it brightens skin and should be used to lighten dark spots while treating hyperpigmentation.


Popular Youtuber Jackie Aina took to Twitter to bash the singer and the model for pushing the narrative that lighter skin is more desirable.

"keep this trash OUT OF NIGERIA. and take Reprudencia with you. saw a couple tweets stating “please learn the difference between bleaching and lightening”....let’s STOP acting like this advertisement, and company as a whole, (“whitenicious”) does not promote “lighter is better” mentality. We all have brains. Let’s not be obtuse."

Do you think Chyna should end her business with Whitenicious? Does this reflect badly on her other dealings?

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  • Papa
    Papa Nov 26, 2018 4:16 AM PST

    Girl what is on your mind smh

  • Roy Pattie
    Roy Pattie Nov 25, 2018 9:14 PM PST

    Why the need to bleach your skin white? Are you ashamed of being black? Coupled with your different colors wigs, face putty and paint..... it's called an identity crisis. If all blacks followed in your path, no more yelling racism, no sections 8's, no more food stamps for the undeserving. Unemployment would be at "0'. Hey, wait a minute, don't stop what you're doing. Love U, RDP

  • Joseph
    Joseph Nov 25, 2018 1:24 PM PST

    Okay to all you African American women who is bleaching a skin they are side effects to a long-term side effects then you'll be like a vampire can't go out in the daytime also God created you to be beautiful be yourself bleaching your skin and wearing fake hair and all that you call yourself a boss you not a boss what's wrong with being natural I just don't understand this generation so sad I'll keep you in prayer young black women

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