Blac Chyna Tells Tiny To Use Hot Photos To Keep T.I. In Check

Blac Chyna Tells Tiny To Use Hot Photos To Keep T.I. In Check

Tiny is a new woman, and she is making sure that her husband, T.I., stays at home and is very satisfied with the help of Blac Chyna.

The word on the streets is that Miss Chyna is an expert in bed -- just ask Rob Kardashian, T.I., and the long list of D-list reality stars fighting for her affection.

Both T.I. and Kardashian have confirmed that Tiny had a one nightstand with Chyna a while back.

And now, the ladies are hanging at clubs and sharing kisses. They are are also exchanging sex tips.

According to an insider, Chyna has been telling Tiny all the things she should do to make the rapper happy.

Both Chyna and Tiny believe if TIP is getting what he needs at home he will not need side chicks like Bernice Burgos.

The source with in-depth knowledge of the matter stated that Dream's mom has told the Xscape singer to use social media to spice up her bedroom life.

The chatty insider said: “Blac Chyna is giving a lot of advice to Tiny about how to play TIP and keep him hot for her. Chyna is encouraging Tiny to sex it up and to post super hot photos to drive Tip crazy and keep his attention. She is also encouraging Tiny to be photographed going out on her own with her friends a lot more, so TIP knows she is not just sitting around at home waiting for him."

The person went on to explain: "And, it is working, Tip is going insane seeing his woman out, looking super hot, flirting with other guys and getting all this attention. For a long time, he viewed her more as a mom-type figure than as a hot and sexy woman in her right, but that is changing—and it is working, TIP is playing right into Tiny’s hands right now."

Tiny has been working out very hard to stay fit and snap for her man, and it appears that he is hooked on her fabulous curves.

The music stars have reconciled and are living under the same roof again, despite the fact they have yet to call off the divorce officially.

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