Blac Chyna Talks About A Controversial Issue, Following Reunion With YBN Almighty Jay

Blac Chyna Talks About A Controversial Issue, Following Reunion With YBN Almighty Jay
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It was recently reported that Blac Chyna and her ex-BF, young YBN Almighty Jay, have been spotted together at the club . Chyna's fans don’t exactly know why they linked up like that since everyone knows that Jay has a new GF for quite a while.

And more than that, he has been shading Chyna quite a lot following their breakup.

His fans know that he’s been together with Dream Doll for a while and they were wondering whether he broke up with her and got back together with Chyna.

Some fans, on the other hand, say that the video simply shows two people partying at the club together, and nothing more.

They suggest that Chyna and Jay could simply be friends.

Now, the latest reports coming from Hollywood Life address another subject addressing Chyna - the controversial skin bleaching.

On Chyna's Zeus Network reality show called The Real Blac Chyna , she and cosmetics queen Dencia had a deep conversation about this shady topic, as reported by the online magazine mentioned above.

'When I used to go to Miami my skin was a little bit darker so that raised this whole controversy thing to where it was said that I was bleaching my skin which I wasn’t,' Chyna said.

Dencia reported said: 'Coming from West Africa, I’ve never had a colorism conversation.'

She continued, 'You guys fight for your rights to do dumb stuff every day, why can’t I do what I want with my body. If I want to be tan today, I would do it. If I want to be shades lighter, I would do it cause that’s what I want,' and Chyna agreed.

What do you think about the skin bleaching subject?

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