Blac Chyna Sparks Controversy With Her Latest Pics - Tyga Is Involved

Blac Chyna Sparks Controversy With Her Latest Pics - Tyga Is Involved
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Blac Chyna shared a few Halloween pics featuring herself dressed in black and sporting a skeleton arrangement on her head. But this was not what had fans confused.

What triggered fans and led toa debate in the comments was what's written behind Chyna: 'TYGAS - Mamacita of the Dead.'

While a lot of people believed that Chyna and Tyga are back together, some speculated that she's just attending his Halloween-themed party.

And there's nothing wrong with that, considering that he's the father of their boy, King Cairo.

'Happy Halloween @fashionnova ad,' Chyna captioned one of the photos that she shared on her social media account.

A person asked: 'Are you and Tyga back together?' and one other follower was on the same page: 'Tyga? Are they back on?'

Someone responded: 'Y’all reaching I go to my baby daddies functions, it’s called co-parenting 😫😂'

Another person said: 'I’m just here for an explanation... 😂 nothing yet.'

A follower posted this: 'Tyga had a Halloween party and made guests enter thru a haunted house..... Y'all could've really just went to Tyga page to figure it out 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️'

One follower asked: 'Is it a reunion or is it an indication of a person that’s dead to them..🤔 💭'

In other news, Chyna made some of her fans excited about her recent announcement.

She revealed to her fans and followers, a surprise that involves her mom, Tokyo Toni.

It’s a  brand new show that will be produced by Chyna and her mom  on the Zeus Network, and it’s called ‘Tokyo Toni Finding Love ASAP.’

Chyna shared more clips to tease the show.

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