Blac Chyna Slammed For Bleaching Her Skin — ‘She Is White Chyna Now’

Blac Chyna Slammed For Bleaching Her Skin — ‘She Is White Chyna Now’

The reality TV star was accused of bleaching her skin and now, all social media is blowing up with negative comments! As you may be aware, rumors have been going around that Blac Chyna is pregnant with her 18-year-old rapper boyfriend but that’s not the only thing people are slamming her for.

As you can imagine, no one was really happy to see the pic in which it seems like the former stripper has lightened her skin color!

Chyna took to social media to share a close-up of her manicure but what gathered attention instead was her skin which seems to have been bleached white and now people are mockingly asking her to change her name to White Chyna!

‘She bleaching her skin DAMN!’ one user commented.

‘Her knuckles are proving it all. This girl’s over-bleaching. Omg!’ another seemed to agree.

Meanwhile, others were disappointed that she did not accept herself.

‘Smh embrace your skin color gurl. Caramel’s beautiful, no need for bleaching.’

But this is not even the first time Chyna is accused of bleaching her skin.

Reports from October 2017 claimed that Rob Kardashian’s ex was undergoing skin bleaching treatments in order to look more ‘mainstream!’

Her followers were quick to call her out about the possible skin lightening last month as well when she shared a pic in which she looked shockingly similar to Kylie Jenner.

If we look at throwback pics of Chyna, we can see a difference but knowing that she’s had plastic surgery before, the transformation may as well be the change that comes with injections and better makeup.

As you may remember, when she and Rob were in a legal war, the Kardashian exposed her for having done more than $100K worth of plastic surgery following the birth of their daughter Dream.

Furthermore, he stated that he paid for it all!

Chyna has never really opened up about her procedures but fans are always speculating! What do you think – did she bleach her skin or not?

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