Blac Chyna Shares New Videos Of Herself Dancing With Dream Kardashian And King Cairo

Blac Chyna Shares New Videos Of Herself Dancing With Dream Kardashian And King Cairo
Credit: Source: Blac Chyna/Instagram

Blac Chyna is happily spending time with her children, King Cairo, 7, and Dream Kardashian, 3, after winning a legal victory against Dream's father Rob Kardashian. King Cairo's father is Tyga and Blac Chyna shared several videos on her Instagram story featuring her two children as they happily danced and had a great time. Rob Kardashian is seeking sole custody of Dream, accusing Blac Chyna of being a neglectful parent who cares more about partying than raising her children. Khloe Kardashian has vowed to help Rob in his pursuit but a judge shut down Rob's motion for Ex-Parte custodial change. The judge ruled there were no grounds to remove Dream immediately from her mother's home. It is believed Rob will continue seeking sole custody of Dream and wants Blac Chyna to have supervised visitation limited solely to weekends.

The way parents communicate after a break-up, is extremely important to the well-being of children. If a judge disagrees with Rob's motions to gain permanent, sole custody, they may order the exes to family counseling to learn how to co-parent better. Rob has made some startling claims about Blac Chyna that he will need to prove before a judge would move Dream away from her mother's home and limit the amount of time she spends with her daughter.

You may see the videos that Blac Chyna shared of herself dancing with King Cario and Dream Kardashian in the video player below.

Blac Chyna shared another video of herself with her children as she celebrated her billboard. You may see that video below.

Blac Chyna wrote the following on the original Instagram video, "Morning walks with King and Dream."

Since Rob Kardashian's motion was denied, it was learned that Blac Chyna was shocked to learn of Rob's motion and had no clue that he was filing for sole custody. Blac Chyna has also denied the allegations against her and said that since the details of Rob's motion were leaked to the media, she has been dealing with negative and hateful comments from the public.

What do you think about the report? Do you think Rob Kardashian is going to win sole custody of Dream Kardashian?


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