Blac Chyna Says She's Determined "To Get Justice" Against Rob Kardashian and And Kylie Jenner

Blac Chyna Says She's Determined "To Get Justice" Against Rob Kardashian and And Kylie Jenner

Blac Chyna's attorney-at-law, Lisa Bloom, claimed the ex-girlfriend of Rob Kardashian is "resolved to get justice" after Rob and Kylie filed an incriminating suit in a court of law against her. Bloom spoke to journalists this past Thursday not long after a press conference and said Kardashian made accusations against Chyna that are demonstrably false.

She claimed the "language was very ugly and false," like any defense attorney would say. Lisa added that all of the allegations are completely baseless and unfounded. Bloom noted Rob just agreed that he wouldn't "disparage" her publicly and now he's coming after her once again - despite what they agreed upon in court recently.

As for the upcoming injunction, Lisa said anybody could file a lawsuit; it doesn't mean that it's based in reality or on any truth. She concluded, at the end of the day, "can (Rob) win the case?"

As CI readers know, Blac and Rob share Dream together and Bloom is grateful that she "(she) is oblivious to all of this." According to the celebrity attorney, Chyna merely wants to co-parent their daughter without issue.

As was mentioned previously in the article, Kardashian and Jenner filed a lawsuit against Blac for the infamous "Eggo Waffles Incident" - featured on Keeping Up With The Kardashians - where Rob and Chyna fought. The Kardashian/Jenner team are coming after the Lashed Bar owner for vandalism, battery, and even assault.

A source close to Chyna said to People Magazine the fight at Kylie's home was "not a real thing." The insider added, "it only makes sense for Rob and Kylie to come up with this bogus claim, because, after all, they need something to counter with in court." Jenner and Kardashian are suing Blac for the damage done to the 20-year-old makeup maven's home as well as for punitive damages. Not only that, but they seek to end her agreement with the E! Network.


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