Blac Chyna Says Kris Jenner Is A 'Racist' And That Kanye West Is Not Wrong

Blac Chyna Says Kris Jenner Is A 'Racist' And That Kanye West Is Not Wrong
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As it was previously reported, Kanye West shocked the entertainment world this week after he took to his Twitter account to lay out a number of bizarre claims. He took aim at the people closest to him, including his own mother-in-law as well as his wife.

Furthermore, Kanye said on Twitter that everyone in the world knew the movie, Get Out, was about him. The award-winning horror-thriller was about a black man trapped in a suburban nightmare in which people are trying to take advantage of him.

The rapper also referred to Kris Jenner as "Kris Jong-in," obviously referencing Kim Jong-un, the leader of the North Korean country. Kanye reportedly accused Kris Jenner of being a white supremacist, and Blac Chyna backed him up on that.

It was reported earlier today that Blac Chyna, through her lawyer, argued it was important for people to listen to Kanye and not just think of all his comments as "crazy."

Her lawyer suggested Chyna didn't agree with most of the things Kanye had to say, but on the racism part, the Rob and Chyna alum has to agree. As most know, Chyna is currently suing reality television's most famous family for a number of claims.

Chyna has also taken aim at NBC on allegations of racism, however, the Kardashian family lawyer, as well as the NBC team, argued Chyna was merely trying to capitalize on the current political climate, that being of the Black Lives Matter protests and the issue of racial inequality.

Bossip was the first to report that Blac Chyna believes Kanye is correct about Kris. She says Kris clearly has a bias against people of color. Obviously, Chyna has skin in the game.

As it was just noted, Chyna has been suing the family for the last several years on allegations that the Kar-Jenner clan used their clout over at the E! network to unjustly cancel Rob and Chyna . At the time of the show's end, Rob and Chyna had just finished duking it out very publicly.


The Kar-Jenner has claimed Chyna was abusive toward him , which Chyna has denied.


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