Blac Chyna Restraining Order Against Rob Kardashian Reportedly Still In Effect

Blac Chyna Restraining Order Against Rob Kardashian Reportedly Still In Effect
Source: Complex

It's been months since the public crumbling of whatever hope we had left for Chyro. Now that the dust has settled and Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are rumored to be trying to work things out for the sake of Dream, sources say that the restraining order that the model had put on her baby daddy is still in effect.

In the beginning of July Rob Kardashian seemingly got so upset with Chyna's accused infidelities that he decided to blast her in a social media rant by releasing her intimate photos and putting her new lovers at the forefront of the entire argument, even dragging TI and Tiny down with her.

Since then, Blac Chyna has hired a famous lawyer to represent her in an all out custody war and took extra precautions to make sure that Rob will never do what he did to her again. In that, Blac Chyna has sworn to become an advocate for women who have experienced or fear to experience the pain of being a victim of revenge porn.

Even though time has passed, the exes are still at each other's throats behind closed doors.

We've already known that chances of reconciliation were slim to none once Rob humiliated his ex-fiance online, but as Celebrity Insider reported, things took an even further turn when the two showed up for negotiations when Chyna saw that Rob was driving the Range Rover she purchased him.

Reports suggested that Blac Chyna was softening and considering lifting the restraining order before the added drama went down where she was accused of trying to drive off in the car that she bought Rob, but now Chyna is fuming and glad that she didn't change her mind.

Meanwhile, Rob is focused on keeping his life together to retain his rights to his daughter and knows that a play like the one he made months ago would put that in jeopardy.

Do you think that Rob and Chyna will ever be on friendly terms again?

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