Blac Chyna Reportedly 'Wants Peace' With The Kardashians - Might Drop The Lawsuit!

Blac Chyna Reportedly 'Wants Peace' With The Kardashians - Might Drop The Lawsuit!
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Is the longstanding feud between Blac Chyna and the Kardashians close to an end? According to a new insider report, Rob Kardashian’s baby mama is reconsidering her lawsuit against the family since nowadays all she wants is peace.

It sounds like Chyna has had enough of the bad blood and hopes she and the famous reality TV family will be able to work things out eventually.

The reason why she’s changed her mind?

The source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Things are going so well between Blac Chyna and Rob right now.’

In other words, since they are starting to be so friendly, she feels like it’s not appropriate to still drag Rob’s family to court

‘Chyna and Rob have both made amends for the way they wronged each other in the past. She would love to have that kind of healing with his family now, too. Chyna wants the Kardashians to give her another chance.’

Allegedly, she’s been ‘testing the water with them,’ and all the source mentioned is that their relationship is still a ‘complicated' one.

There is no doubt that this is the case but Chyna still hopes they can still work things out somehow.

‘Look at all the progress she and Rob have made. She may even drop her lawsuit against them. She genuinely wants peace with the Kardashians and she swears she has no ulterior motive for all of this. Chyna just wants what’s best for Dream,’ the insider dished.

However, her change of heart has gotten her close friends questioning her intentions, with some suspecting she may be doing this just to get back together with Rob.

Meanwhile, both exes insist that it’s not about their past romance but all about co-parenting their daughter properly.

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