Blac Chyna Reportedly Bothered By ‘Phony And Fake’ Iggy Azalea Being Romantically Linked To Her Exes

Blac Chyna Reportedly Bothered By ‘Phony And Fake’ Iggy Azalea Being Romantically Linked To Her Exes
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Rumor has it that Blac Chyna is annoyed by the fact that Iggy Azalea allegedly dated multiple of her exes! She apparently thinks it's 'sad!'

It seems like the two women have the same taste in men as the rapper has been romantically linked to at least two of the reality TV star’s former boyfriends.

But how does Rob Kardashian’s baby mama feel about that?

One insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Chyna thinks it’s a little sad that Iggy keeps hanging out with her exes, but then, she’s never been a big fan of Iggy’s, she thinks she’s phony and fake.’ Yikes!

As fans may know already, Azalea was seen not too long ago enjoying the company of Chyna’s ex Playboi Carti.

Before that, Iggy was linked to Chyna’s first baby daddy, Tyga.

The two rappers have been rumored to be dating for a while now and even collabed on her song Kream.

That being said, the insider explains that ‘As far as Chyna’s concerned, Iggy’s welcome to Playboi, but Tyga is a whole different matter. He’s the father of her son, and she’s always going to have a tight bond with him, so she can be pretty protective and jealous when it comes to who’s hanging around him.’

Meanwhile, Azalea denied she was ever involved with Tyga in that way.

‘He’s just always been a reoccurring person in my life and we have this creative energy, where we play each other our songs and give each other opinions,’ the rapper told to BUILD last month.

She did admit they ‘have a great time together’ but made it very clear that it’s all platonic.

The HollywoodLife insider added that ‘Chyna’s always telling Tyga he can do a lot better than Iggy, and that he needs to quit chasing her around like a puppy dog. Truth be told though, Chyna still has mad love for Tyga herself, so nobody’s ever going to be good enough for him in her eyes.’

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