Blac Chyna Reportedly Agrees To Buy Rob Kardashian A New TV

Blac Chyna Reportedly Agrees To Buy Rob Kardashian A New TV
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According to the latest reports, Blac Chyna has eventually agreed to pay for some things that belonged to Rob Kardashian, and she allegedly destroyed. She also said that he's asking for more money than those things are actually worth.

The Blast reported a while ago that Rob sued his baby mama for an alleged incident that happened back on December 14, 2016.

The man claimed that Chyna 'consumed a significant amount of drugs and alcohol' and broke a television, a door, damaged the walls, destroyed his cell phone and smashed a gingerbread house that was made for the holidays, according to The Blast.

He also reportedly said that 'Chyna lunged towards Rob with an iPhone charging cable and attempted to strangle Rob with the cord around his neck.'

The same online publication mentioned a bunch of new court documents in which Chyna is challenging some of the damages Rob claims he suffered.

'Chyna will present evidence that the damaged gingerbread house was a gift to her from Kris Jenner and that Rob consented to the damage done to his t-shirt,' the documents state, according to The Blast.

The publication continues and explains that 'Regarding the TV set, Chyna has informed them … that she will reimburse Rob for the cost to replace the television.'

Other than this, Chyna seems to be doing great these days, as she keeps flaunting her new lover all over social media.

After she broke up with YBN Almighty Jay, she hooked up with Kid Buu and fans have been criticizing her ever since.

Rob and Chyna's daughter, Dream Kardashian has been featured in a video that became viral online.

In the clip, we can see baby Dream next to a hairstylist who is arranging a blue wig. Dreamy is also sporting a gorgeous blue bow in her hair.

This sweet video got fans obsessed with the little girl.

RecentlyChyna has been slammed by people for not sharing any pics or videos with her kids during the winter holidays.

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