Blac Chyna Reacts After Rob Kardashian's Legal Documents Were Revealed

Blac Chyna Reacts After Rob Kardashian's Legal Documents Were Revealed

It was reported just the other day that The Blast was able to obtain the legal documents from Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian's custody battle. Rob was claiming that he had been emotionally hurt by Chyna and also that, given the fact she has more money than him, she should pay him child support .

Rob and his lawyers said that Chyna has been gaining a lot from the ex couple’s drama.

The documents allege that Chyna has admittedly upped her income to 7-figures.

Chyna is a ‘model and entrepreneur,’ Rob said. ‘She has appeared in the press and on social media to discuss both cases at every opportunity.’ He reportedly makes significantly less money.

Now, Chyna fires back after the news.

Here's what she posted on Instagram:  'Work Hard, Play Harder !!! My sh*t !!! No Help !!!' - this is how she captioned a video of her luxury car collection yesterday after the news involving Rob and the legal documents surfaced online.

'No Child Support !!! Stop the F***ing Lies !!!' she said.

More than that, a source close to Chyna spilled the tea on the subject to the famous online magazine Hollywood Life.

'Chyna thinks it’s absolutely ridiculous that Rob believes he’s one step ahead of her when it comes to child support for Dream,' the insider said.

Chyna and Rob broke up almost two years ago

'Chyna is fed up with all the antics and just wants everything settled so she can move on with her life,' the source continues.

'Chyna was fully aware that Rob would request a reduction in child support and thinks he should be ashamed for trying to skip out on paying what he rightfully owes to help raise their baby girl,' the insider explained.

This comes after Chyna recently said that a reconciliation with Rob is not off the table. Well, to us it looks like it is after the latest reports.

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