Blac Chyna Needs To Stop Using 'Angela Kardashian' As Her Name

Blac Chyna Needs To Stop Using 'Angela Kardashian' As Her Name
Source: Inquisitr

Blac Chyna has lost the battle against the Kardashian family and won’t be able to use the name, Angela Kardashian. Rob’s “eternal” love is now stuck being just Blac Chyna. Or she can use her actual name as well, Angela Renée White.

The 28-years old TV celebrity was trying to use the name Angela Kardashian for business purposes, but her dream was broken by Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney’s legal action.

It seems that the sisters didn’t want Chyna to be part of the Kardashian branding (and neither of their family, according to some rumors).

They blocked her in court, filing legal documents to stop Chyna from using the name, and now a judge has decided that they are right and awarded them the win.

Rob’s former fiancee didn't respond to any legal moves lately, so we assume that she’s ok with the outcome and won’t try to follow her desire.

The interesting thing is that the sisters didn't want Blac Chyna to profit off the family name even if she did marry Rob.

The "brand" won't have a new addition, but we kind of feel that the fans won’t be too sad. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are not getting married, and even if they have a baby together, she doesn’t quite deserve the Kardashian “title.”

Not to mention that Blac Chyna kinda fell into disgrace after she and Rob broke up. And, as a side note, Kris Jenner and the legal team behind the K-fam are up 1-0.

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  • Gabby Gabby
    Gabby Gabby Apr 2, 2017 4:31 PM PDT

    That's what you call a desperate baby mama of two guys!!! Poor kiddos I hope you will be well taken care of when you get older and understand what a nut your mommy really is. JS

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