Blac Chyna & Mechie Reunite For Shopping And Lunch Date In LA: Their Romance Is Heating Up

Blac Chyna & Mechie Reunite For Shopping And Lunch Date In LA: Their Romance Is Heating Up
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It looks like these two are still on. Blac Chyna and Mechie went out for a romantic lunch date on August 10, and they left the restaurant with huge smiles on their faces.

Blac Chyna looks pleased in the pics, and the R&B singer Mechie is playing a big part of the reason.

Ever since Rob Kardashian's July 5 massive blowout over these two kissing, they have been spotted packing on PDA every chance they get.

Blac and her rumored new boyfriend just had a romantic lunch in Studio City, and they emerged from the restaurant all smiles.

She certainly turned up the heat with her sexy outfit wearing a bright yellow camisole that was showing a lot of cleavage.

She was also rocking the shortest and the tightest pair of Daisy Dukes.

There was no way on earth that Mechie could stop himself from getting a good look at her giant behind as the denim shorts looked like they were only painted on her body.

She paired the whole outfit with some black heeled sandals that gave it some extra hotness while showing off her toned and tattooed legs.

The two of them enjoyed some retail therapy after lunch going to a clothing store where he bought some shirts. Chyna was seen walking around with a Mickey Mouse tee in her hand.

Chyna got the pulse of her fans racing when she starred in the video for rapper Belly‘s song, P.O.P. (Power of P***y) on August 9.

There’s a line in the 33-year-old’s tune that sounds like it could be directed at Rob, as he drops 'She took you for everything/You let her do it again,' while Chyna gives the camera a sly and very telling wink.

She is seen in nothing but her underwear, caressing her boobs and crotch while Belly describes the remarkable power a woman’s intimate part has over men.

She looked as she was having a blast in the video and wants her own music career, reportedly inking a $1 million recording deal with Capitol Records. A new man, new career, Chyna’s got it all going on these days!


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