Blac Chyna Makes Fans Cry With The Latest Video Featuring Her Two Kids

Blac Chyna Makes Fans Cry With The Latest Video Featuring Her Two Kids
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Controversial Blac Chyna is loved by a lot of people, but she also has her haters, just like any celebrity these days.

People have been bashing her for various reasons, such as the fact that she changed men too often, or that she's allegedly not taking enough care of her kids, and some followers even slammed her for not posting enough pics with her two children, Dream Kardashian, and King Cairo.

She was recently in the news again after it has been reported that she and Rob Kardashian have come to an agreement and now Rob does not have to pay child support anymore .

After a long rocky road for the both of them, while they have been trying their best to co-parent for their baby Dream Kardashian, these two have eventually managed to reach an understanding.

TMZ revealed that ‘Rob and Chyna have come to a final custody agreement for Dream, where they will split custody evenly. Because of this, Rob will not have to write those monthly $20,000 child support checks either.’

Some insiders began spreading some rumors which claimed that this is the first step took by Chyna in order to try and get together with Rob. But such stories have not been confirmed and they remained in the air.

What most of Chyna's fans know for sure is the fact that she does love her two kids with all of her heart and she has been taking good care of them.

Now, she's making her fans cry with the latest video that she posted. We can see her pregnant with baby Dream, and King is also in the video.

One of her fans said 'Omg I loved when you were preggos with Dreamy 😭😭😭😍😍😍' while another person posted: 'Awww beautiful family I’m crying over her and praying for you Chay.'

Someone else told Chyna that fans know she loves her kids: 'Awwwww we know you love them babies chy chy❤️💯'

It seems that Chyna managed to trigger lots of memories for her fans and they really appreciated her video. Probably Rob will also appreciate it as well.

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