Blac Chyna Knows Rob Kardashian’s Dark Secrets And She Is Not Afraid To Use Them!

Blac Chyna Knows Rob Kardashian’s Dark Secrets And She Is Not Afraid To Use Them!

Blac Chyna could ruin her baby daddy's life! The war she started against Rob Kardashian is very difficult to fight for the betrayed and depressed man who, as Celebrity Insider readers already know, has been eating his feelings!

According to trusty insiders who are close to the former stripper, Chyna has so much dirt of Rob that she can easily send him to rehab or even to jail if she wants to.

“She has evidence of him partying around [their baby, Dream], calling her names and grappling her when they’ve gotten into fights,” one source claimed.  “Chyna’s got the proof!”

Furthermore, Chyna is willing to keep quiet about what she knows but it’s going to cost - $50 million!

As fans already know, Rob and Blac Chyna broke up just a month after their baby daughter, Dream was born.

“She doesn’t think Rob can ever get his s**t together,” an insider shared about Chyna’s opinion on her ex. “She has told him he cannot be alone with the baby. She doesn’t trust him.”

Well, she is not wrong! Since the split especially, Rob has been a complete mess! Not only does he not take care of himself and doesn’t eat right and exercise but he’s also “started drinking and smoking pot again,” claims insider.

Rob and Blac Chyna are also getting ready for a nasty custody battle that the Kardashian is not ready to fight at all!

And Chyna is going to use this opportunity to get thing her way.

“Of course she’s going to go for full custody,” the source revealed.

“Dream is her child and she wants to have her all of the time. She can have supervised visits with Rob but Chyna is the main parent.”

Although Dream’s mama is quite determined, the Kardashian momager, Kris Jenner is also used to get things her way and she has decided to fight on her son’s side!

“Kris thinks that the fact that Blac wants to go after full custody of Dream is just hilarious. She would obviously never allow that to happen. Kris’s lawyers are way too powerful!”


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  • Carmen
    Carmen Mar 16, 2017 8:25 PM PDT

    Yes, Rob is a immature child ..He needs therapy and should not be alone with his baby ..He loves his daughter but has so many unresolved issues with his mother and sisters he is too weak to be responsible on his own...Bl a good mom to both her children ..

  • Anna
    Anna Mar 16, 2017 6:25 PM PDT

    For once, I am on Blac Chyna's side. Rob is nothing more than an overgrown child and cannot be alone with Dream. He needs therapy along with learning to control his diabetes. Rob also needs alcohol and drug treatment. Until then, he shouldn't be around his baby. Time to grow up, Rob. I hope for you and Dream's sake that you do.

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