Blac Chyna Jokes About Pregnancy And People Call Her 'Sick' And 'Disgusting' - Check Out What She Did

Blac Chyna Jokes About Pregnancy And People Call Her 'Sick' And 'Disgusting' - Check Out What She Did
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There's a photo of an ultrasound circulating all over online, and Blac Chyna also wanted to give her fans a scare. She posted the pic on her social media account and fans were about to freak out until they read everything that was written on the photo.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people tasted Chyna's joke, and there were a lot of followers who slammed her in the comments section.

Someone told Chyna 'You are disgusting when there are people like me who can’t even have children. You sick individual.'

Another follower said 'Girl ... really! One. I have twins, and they are an AMAZING miracle !!! Two.. your not a teenager ... grow up !'

Someone else wrote 'It’s not abt those who can’t conceive it’s about those who shouldn’t or don’t deserve to conceive,' while another commenter posted this: 'Yeah pregnancy isn't a joke.... unlike u..... washed up nobody.'

There were also a few followers who understood that this was just a joke and they were quick to defend Chyna in the comments section.

For instance, someone wrote 'You post pictures of food and a lot of people dying of hunger, you post pics of selfies with your arms in it and guess what some people don’t have arms. You pansies kill me ?'

Anyway, Chyna has been in the spotlight and slammed by fans again a lot lately.

People went after her after she posted a photoshopped pic of herself, and then they accused her of not posting any photos with her kids for Christmas , just like other celebrities did.

They said that all she cares about is her new boo and promoting Fashion Nova to secure the bag.

On the other hand, it doesn't mean that if she hasn't posted photos with her kids on Instagram, she did not spend the holidays with them. Not everything has to be always shown off on social media.

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