Blac Chyna Is Getting A New Cosmetic Intervention - Can You Guess What It Is?

Blac Chyna Is Getting A New Cosmetic Intervention - Can You Guess What It Is?
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Blac Chyna has been known for getting all kinds of cosmetic interventions over time. She doesn't even hide it anymore like most celebrities do these days.

Chyna shared a photo on social media with a doctor, thanking him and asking fans to guess what she plans on getting next. Check out her post below.

Someone posted 'I think we should guess what she hasn’t gotten done,' while another person said that it's great Chyna talks about this: 'Glad she's finally owing up to it. Hopefully, everyone will follow suit.'

Another follower joked and said 'Child support reduction..I know that’s right!!'

Someone else slammed her for all the surgeries and said 'The brain needs fixing so you can learn to love yourself instead of turning all artificial. Black China means FAKE!!!'

Another follower posted 'Hopefully to remove some of what she has “done”. I honestly believe it would enhance her beauty.'

Someone else wrote in the comments section that they hope Chyna stops with the surgeries: 'Hopefully a fresh start. Wtf could you possibly need done...???'

What do you think Chyna plans on getting done next?

Just recently Chyna's mom, Tokyo Toni found herself a new job, and she's proud to announce her followers that she'll be getting the checks soon.

She posted some videos during working time, and she really seems happy with her decision.

She became a contractor for a delivery company, but fans ask Chyna to help her mom.


Someone asked Blac Chyna to help her mom out: '@blacchyna help your mom out ... you got out here doing manual labor when you selling cancer to your own ppl getting rich.'

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