Blac Chyna In Trouble For Endorsing A $250 ‘Skin Bleaching Cream!’

Blac Chyna In Trouble For Endorsing A $250 ‘Skin Bleaching Cream!’
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Blac Chyna is in hot water due to her choice to partner up with a company named 'Whitelicious' which produces a 'skin bleaching cream!' As you can imagine, people on social media are not Okay with the former stripper’s latest money-maker.

But it seems like Rob Kardashian’s ex only sees the product as a great solution for any dark spots on the skin, expecting that the cream would make it smoother and its color more uniform.

Meanwhile, the public thinks the cream is actually really problematic!

TMZ was the first to report that Blac Chyna is now involved in the project known as Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating and Lightening Cream, basically launching a skin bleaching product!

The cream is also gimmicky, costing no less than $250 per bottle, due to the fact that it’s expected to be embellished with Swarovski crystals!

The outlet reports that the company claims their product was created to combat ‘hyperpigmentation’ and ‘dark spots.’

Furthermore, reps for the model assured TMZ that she has been using Whitenicious’ dark spot corrector.

Of course, even though she may believe in what she’s promoting because she saw results on her own skin, the public has a huge problem with the name of the company.

The outlet noted that Chyna thought it was ‘a good deal for her because a lot of women of color suffer from skin issues,’ but the product is not necessarily targeting any race or gender!

Still, a lot of people online have been slamming the dark spots corrector as ‘skin bleaching cream.’

‘Wtf is going on. What happened to black is beautiful? Jesus take the wheel!!!!’ someone else also commented.

‘BLAC CHYNA is endorsing skin lightening products? Okay…this ain’t it,’ another person criticized the star.

What do you think about the scandal? Do people have a point or not?

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