Blac Chyna Impresses Lots Of Fans By Doing ASMR After Ditching Her Clothes For A Tekashi 69 Video

Blac Chyna Impresses Lots Of Fans By Doing ASMR After Ditching Her Clothes For A Tekashi 69 Video
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Blac Chyna made an ASMR video, and this way, she managed to impress a lot of her fans who love this type of mental relaxation. ASMR gives you brain tingles, and you should Google this interesting way of relaxation if you don't exactly know what it is.

And, why not, check out Chyna's clip on YouTube to see if you get any tingles from the sounds that she's making!

She also talked about some interesting issues while making this clip.

Someone said: 'She talked about wanting to always make more money so she should make an ASMR channel 👀I could get behind that.'

Another follower posted this 'I’ve always loved Blac Chyna, She’s not lying when she says she’s always thinking of ways to make money...💪🏾💯.'

Someone else wrote: 'She said this was first time doing ASMR she must watch ASMR videos or something because she did damn good.'

Also, not too long ago, she said that her biggest flex is providing for her two kids without help from her baby fathers.

A follower said: 'This is NOT a flex. Women making good money does not absolve men of their financial responsibilities to their children. 😔😔 Let's stop making women feel bad for getting what their children are entitled to.'

One other commenter posted this message: 'Both fathers are involved, physically and financially! Maybe she meant she doesn’t depend on child support payments like most celebrity moms do... one thing about Chyna, she a hustler and will get her own bag.'

In other news, it seems that Tekashi 69 has a new partnership going on, and this time, it’s with none other than Blac Chyna.


These two will probably film a video together, and while waiting, fans can take a sneak peek on a short clip that The Shade Room dropped on social media.

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