Blac Chyna Has The Solution To A Perfect Skin, And It's Not A Bleaching Agent - See Her Video

Blac Chyna Has The Solution To A Perfect Skin, And It's Not A Bleaching Agent - See Her Video
Credit: BET

Blac Chyna's skin has been praised by her fans for a really long time, and people wanted to know what products she has been using. She's been accused on various occasions of using products that are bleaching the skin, but she has always denied this.

Instead, she revealed to her fans and IG followers the secret to having the ideal skin. Check out the video that she recently shared on her social media account.

'Happy Glow Day!!! Do you see my skin and this glow 😳 Thanks to @organicskinlightener maximum strength I am soo thankful for this ALL NATURAL product made with Glutathione formula it helps brighten the skin rids acne scars, eczema, melasma, discoloration, stretch marks and honestly any skin condition you have.,' Chyna began her post.

She continued and told her fans: 'Holidays are here let’s get our skin glowing for the New Year✨ together ✨ !! Use code “Chyglowmeup” to get a discount 💋✨#decadeisoverletsglowtogether.'

A lof of followers praised the products, and some others are curious to try them out.

Chyna has also been working out a lot in the gym lately, and she made sure to share a video from there as well.

She's exercising, and her followers say that what she's doing is an extremely hard workout, and they praise her for such dedication. Just check out the video in the gym as well.

People appreciated her strength and will to do something this hard, and a lot of fans priased her looks.

Such huge efforts at the gym are definitely paying off.

Chyna was in the spotlight not too long ago after she managed to worry fans with one of her IG posts .

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  • Beth R
    Beth R Dec 11, 2019 8:30 PM PST

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