Blac Chyna Has A Giveaway You Don't Want To Miss

Blac Chyna Has A Giveaway You Don't Want To Miss
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Blac Chyna has an exciting announcement for her IG followers. She is giving away $500 as a part of her collaboration with Organic Skin Lightener. Check out her announcement below.

'I'm excited to do my first giveaway with @organicskinlightener !! This is a giveaway you don’t want to miss!! We are giving away $500!! 💰 Plus an entire set of @organicskinlightener! Here are the rules -Follow @organicskinlightener and tag two friends who need to take their skin to the next level!' Chyna began her post.

She continued and said: 'As I always say “no it’s not a bleach” but it is a lifesaver and for those who want their skin to be in its best condition but have been worried about if it really works you can now try it for free!! Not to mention they just released the WORLDS First detox/ skin brightening tea!! Thank me later ❤️ #organicskinlightener.'

As always, despite the fact that Chyna told her fans that this is not bleach for your skin, she still received shared from people.

A follower said: 'Any deep-toned woman thinking about using this I just wanna say your beautiful and your skin is beautiful plz don't do it. Your skin is obsidian your literally made out of God 🙏'

Another commenter posted this: 'Please just accept yourself for who you are,' and someone else asked Chyna the following: 'Can you do no makeup so we can see how you look no shade that's just way to much I would love to see who you really are ❤️'

This is not the first time when Chyna gets bashed for this product.

People keep accusing her that this is a skin bleaching product and it teaches young ladies of color to not love themselves the way they are.

Chyna says that this product only makes your skin more glowy and beautiful, and it's not what people think.

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