Blac Chyna Gushes Over Her BFF, Dencia And Fans Are Here For Their Friendship

Blac Chyna Gushes Over Her BFF, Dencia And Fans Are Here For Their Friendship
Credit: BET

Blac Chyna gushed over one of her friends, Dencia, on social media account. She shared a video on her social media account and people analyzed the two ladies and gushed over their friendship.

'I love my sister @iamdencia 💕 make sure u download @thezeusnetwork to watch my show, “The Real Blac Chyna”! Click the link in my bio,' Chyna captioned her post.

Someone noted that 'Chyna has been doing a lot with her body,' and another follower said that 'Dencia's facial expressions had me HOLLERING 😂😂😂😂 she was over that squeaky cart.'

Some people shaded Dencia and said that she uses too many filters on her pics: 'She looks good here... on her profile, she is so much lighter.'

Someone also addressed Dencia's skin tone and said: 'I'm actually relieved Dencia isn't light as she makes her photos. shes looks 100x better brown.'

Another follower also noted: 'Why does she look like she was dark skin and changed her skin color idk she giving me weird vibes who is this lady lol.'

One other follower said: 'I use palmers cocoa butter formula for them areas. No prescription, some could make areas worst. Get palmers!'

A fan posted: 'Oooookkk so is she filtering alllll of her pics she looks like a totally different complexion right here 🤔'

Speaking of skin, not too long ago, Chyna told her followers that her skincare line would have them looking bomb for the holidays .

A lot of her fans have been using these products, but some of them don’t even know that she has a skincare line and are pleasantly surprised to learn this.

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