Blac Chyna Fires Back At Haters In Nigeria Amid Skin Whitening Drama

Blac Chyna Fires Back At Haters In Nigeria Amid Skin Whitening Drama
Source: CNN

Black Chyna has had enough of the haters. The model promoted her controversial skin lightening product in Nigeria over the weekend and got in a fight with a fan as a result.

Chyna has faced a lot of backlash over her new product, which she made in collaboration with Whitenicious. The cream is used to lighten skin tone, and Chyna is selling it for a whopping $250 a bottle.

Given the nature of Chyna's cosmetic product, fans in Nigeria loudly protested the event. But things really heated up after the event was over, when a fan caught Chyna in the parking lot and tried to start a fight.

A video released by The Shade Room shows Chyna exiting her vehicle to confront the fan. The clip shows Chyna trying to get at a disgruntled individual when a member of her security team stops her.

The fight did not come to blows, but Chyna was clearly ready to throw down if it came to that.

The controversial video comes after Chyna faced a lot of heat on social media for promoting the skin lightening product. Chyna, who shares one child with Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Rob Kardashian, is clearly tired of all the negativity.

Apart from the altercation, Chyna got into a fight with Burna Boy, a musician based out of Nigeria, on social media. Burna Boy told his followers on Instagram to avoid Chyna's event, adding, "

Chyna answered with a video of her own on social media, criticizing anyone who is hating on her or her new skincare product.

Although some people were clearly unhappy with Chyna, she received a lot of love in Nigeria. Not only was the event well attended, but one fan even gifted the model with a portrait of herself.

Blac Chyna has not commented on her future partnership with Whitenicious.

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  • Angeleque R Blue
    Angeleque R Blue Nov 29, 2018 6:51 AM PST

    This woman is a hustler and im not mad go head get yo hustle in get yo bag bae. People was bleachin long before you and will be doin it after so why the drama. Team Chyna!!! Love you do you and people need to stop trippin cause they didnt think of sellin it first. Spot corrector for hyperpigmentation is not wrong who wants to look blemished. Im all for girl empowerment and beauty at any cost.!!!

    PRINCESS JuJU Nov 27, 2018 1:48 PM PST

    She was born LIGHTER THAN MOST, so promoting a skin bleaching cream, when she's nowhere NEAR DARK?? yeah that's real smart...

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