Blac Chyna Drops Her First Single, 'Seen Her'! - Fans Are Here For This And Ask For A Nicki Minaj Collab - Watch The Video

Blac Chyna Drops Her First Single, 'Seen Her'! - Fans Are Here For This And Ask For A Nicki Minaj Collab - Watch The Video
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Blac Chyna made her fans crazy with excitement when she finally dropped her very first single called 'Seen Her.' You can check out the video below and see some of the fans's reactions.

A lot of people love it, and some even suggested that Chyna should be teaming up for some new music with Nicki Minaj .

'#seenher OUT NOW, Link in bio!! Going on live today with some fans 💜1. Screenshot yourself listening to #seenher and tag me in your story!2. Comment done below!' Chyna captioned her post.

A follower hopped in the comments and said: 'She sounds better than her baby daddy at this point.'

Someone else posted: 'Actually not bad at all, I love your voice,' and one commenter wrote: 'Tell Nicki hop on this.'

A fan told Chyna: 'You look bomb af! 🤪But your voice a lil deep😬'

Check out the video on YouTube below:

A fan on YouTube posted: 'She sounds better than these mumble rappers. She’s just having fun so good for her.'

Someone else said: 'Not a fan of the song, but this is one thing I like about her, she knows how to reinvent herself and keep that money coming in plus, she sounds better than half these new artist out!'

Another person said: 'it's almost there...Her flow in the beginning is nice. Chyna's style of rap would probably suit slower, darker beats with a bit of R&B flair - like Tinashe's 'Throw A Fit' or Bia's 'Whip It'.'

One other fan on YouTube believes that 'The beginning was the best part ( fine china doll I’m just tryna ball til my money tall as china walls )she should’ve made that the hook nonetheless Issa low key BOP.'

Someone else 'was expecting more but it’s pretty good for a first try. Kinda catchy. Cardi B first singles were super trash, but hey she made it with bodack yellow. Remember Chyna paved the way for all them ex strippers.'

Do you like Chyna's first single?

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  • Sis. Mary Taylor
    Sis. Mary Taylor Jul 1, 2020 10:10 AM PDT

    Blac Chyna, video is a hit. WOW Blac Chyna you are a Superstar. Would love to see Blac Chyna and Meg. Black Chyna and Tyga. Collab

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