Blac Chyna Debuts Red Hair Amidst The Whole Drama Involving The Skin Lightening Cream

Blac Chyna Debuts Red Hair Amidst The Whole Drama Involving The Skin Lightening Cream

Blac Chyna is involved in a massive scandal these days. It all began when she promoted a skin-lightening cream on her social media account.

Fans went ballistic accusing her of promoting and selling something like that. It was reported that even Rob Kardashian got mad at her, saying that there are a lot of young girls who are looking up to her.

And these young girls are learning that you should not be satisfied with your black skin and use these products instead.

As you all know, Rob and Chyna have a daughter together, Dream Kardashian and she'll be one of these young girls one day.

According to Hollywood Life, Chyna doesn’t even use the product that costs approximately $250 a jar. Sources who spoke with TMZ stated it was all just a money-making scheme, and she has never used it.

The product which is called Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating and Lightening Cream has been slammed by people online of promoting the idea that light skin is better than dark skin. It’s a common problem in other countries such as India and Nigeria.

Chyna was in Nigeria for the launch of this cream and also for some other events that she had scheduled.

Frankly, Chyna doesn't seem to be bothered by the scandal involving the cream, and she just debuted a new hairdo, a red bob, other social media account.

Her fans liked her look, and they told her this in the comments section.

'Yes, beautiful!! Just stay humble in all that chaos. Your blessings will multiply. So proud of you!! ?' someone wrote.

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