Blac Chyna Debuts A Short Blonde Bob And Sparks Skin-Bleaching Rumors - Check Out The Video & Pics

Blac Chyna Debuts A Short Blonde Bob And Sparks Skin-Bleaching Rumors - Check Out The Video & Pics
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Blac Chyna decided to show off her new hairdo on her social media account. She posted a few pics and a video in which she's wearing a short black dress and heels.

'I don’t even follow you I just came on here to tell you how stupid that bob look on you lol' one fan slammed her since she opened her comments section again.

'Stop frontin’. That’s not your ride. You couldn’t even close the door. You don’t know how' another one of Chyna's followers said.


Some of her fans and followers came to her defense because the hate comments were multiplying like there's no tomorrow.

'I think you're about the 50th person who said that now. Can you bullies please get some better material. You guys are just like copycatting each other now. That's so lame. You could be more creative now' one of her Instagram fans wrote, referring to the hate comments.

'Why would you want to bleach your skin? Being tan/dark is beautiful. Learn to love the skin your in,' someone said, and we have to admit that her skin does look a little paler in these pics and video.

'But since you want to be mean to her. I think it's fair. She got more money than you. She lives in way larger than you. And yes she's definitely prettier inside and out than you are. So choked on all your truth. Go look in the mirror and listen to the song Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson while you're doing it. It's funny to me how you people don't realize you're rude. But when I call you on it or throw it back at you a little bit. You got a problem with it now. So you can dish it out to other people. But you can't handle it when it gets thrown back to you' one of Chyna's fans told a hater.

'Why are complete strangers always butthurt and ready to throw some hands over a "celebrity" they'll never meet or even get a thank you from them for sticking up for them' another one of her fans slammed the haters.

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  • Charlene Manning
    Charlene Manning Apr 24, 2018 6:26 PM PDT

    I guess you are not happy with yourself why would you do this? Black is beautiful baby recognize ok?

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