Blac Chyna Claims That NBC 'Trampled' Her Rights When They Dropped Rob And Chyna

Blac Chyna Claims That NBC 'Trampled' Her Rights When They Dropped Rob And Chyna
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Blac Chyna is continuing to fight against NBCUniversal and E!, claiming that both companies are plagued by issues of systemic racism. The Lashed Bar owner said this past week that NBC and E! didn't tell her about the allegations from the Kardashian family regarding the purported abuse of Rob Kardashian.

Moreover, Chyna claims the issue at NBC and E! would've been handled in a different way had she been white . In another new statement against the network, obtained by Page Six, Chyna's attorney re-stated her claims that she was denied her rights on account of the color of her skin.

Chyna and her lawyer also took issue with Marty Singer's claim, the Kardashian attorney, who said that the show was no longer possible because she and Rob weren't together anymore.

At that time, Chyna and Rob were going through a bitter separation, in which Rob posted explicit pictures of Chyna all over social media. Lynne Ciani's statement claimed that Marty only mentioned the fact they were no longer together as a means of distracting from the "serious problem."

Ciani also says that NBC left her out of private discussions about the future of the second season of Rob and Chyna. According to the outlet, Chyna and her lawyer are demanding that NBCUniversal racially diversify not only their talent but also their employees at the executive level.

As it was previously reported, the Real Blac Chyna star filed a lawsuit against the entire Kardashian family in October 2017, accusing them of "domestic violence, defamation, battery, assault," and also with interfering with the show, Rob and Chyna.

Even though NBCUniversal and E! were not named as defendants in the initial lawsuit, she later included Ryan Seacrest, the executive producer, asking for the American Idol alum to be deposed in the legal battle as well.

When asked if they were going to sue NBCUniversal, Ciani said she and her client are trying to "eradicate systemic racism in the American workplace." An E! spokesperson later said that NBCUniversal and E! were not named in her first lawsuit from two years ago.

The spokesperson argued that no claims of racial discrimination were made at the time because it never happened to begin with.

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