Blac Chyna Charges Over $1K To FaceTime And Follow Back Fans And Social Media Is Fuming - Here's Her Defense!

Blac Chyna Charges Over $1K To FaceTime And Follow Back Fans And Social Media Is Fuming - Here's Her Defense!
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Social media is not happy at all about Blac Chyna’s latest business idea. The reality TV star has decided to sell meet-and-greets with her fans online as well as ‘follow backs’ on Instagram and the price she’s asking for is pretty considerable!

Of course, her near $1K price has angered a lot of people but she was quick to defend herself.

As far as Chyna is concerned, she is not doing this out of greed or because she wants to rip off her fans.

That’s right! The celeb cited ‘economic necessity’ as the reason she’s asking for so much money.

But while Chyna is obviously not poor or anything like that, it looks like she needs a lot of money for her custody battle with her ex, Rob Kardashian.

It all started with the mother of two listing personal FaceTime calls and follow backs on social media for the hefty price of $950 and $250, respectively.

Some of her diehard and well-off fans may jump at the exciting opportunity of connecting with their favorite star but a lot more consider the price ridiculously huge.

Here are a few of the reactions she got: ‘Imagine f***ing up your credit score cause you did not finish your payments for a blac chyna face time.’ / ‘No offense chyna but we're in a pandemic and we have better things to spend our money on especially when it's limited as if we're spending that much if we were not in a pandemic.’ / ‘would rather buy a sandwich for $950.’ / ‘These ig chicks do not want to work smh such gimmicks…They will find any way not to work Clown face.’

On the other hand, some praised for being smart and doing whatever she can to stay ‘afloat’ during this pandemic.

The former stripper addressed the backlash via her rep, who stated that she is mainly doing it to connect with her fans during the quarantine.

Furthermore, ‘Chyna’s quarantine related creativity is also born out of economic necessity. Despite false media reports, Chyna receives no child support from Rob Kardashian or Tyga for her 2 beautiful children. To make matters even worse, Rob and his family have filed false accusations that Chyna's an unfit mother and they are trying to take away Chyna’s custody of her precious daughter, Dream.’

The rep then mentioned that Chyna is determined to continue fighting these accusations in court but argued that such ’unwarranted custody battles are not cheap.’

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