Blac Chyna And YBN Almighty Jay Reunite At The Club - See The Video

Blac Chyna And YBN Almighty Jay Reunite At The Club - See The Video
Credit: Complex

Blac Chyna and her ex boo, young YBN Almighty Jay, have been spotted together at the club. Fans don't exactly know why they linked up like that since everyone knows that Jay has a new GF for quite a while.

His fans know that he's been together with Dream Doll for a while. Anyway, here's the video that has been shared by The Shade Room.

Somoene commented: 'Why are clubs so boring to me? Lol just a whole bunch of people standing around 🤷‍♂️'

Another person also criticized clubbing: 'This is the club scene nowadays.. standing around showing off cloths jewelry and enhanced bodies so hard they can't If we can take it back to the #Tunnel where the club vibe was even on the sidewalks and streets..🤷🤦'

Somoene else bought up Jay's age: 'He literally looks like he’s a freshman in high school and she’s how old? 🤦🏽‍♀️'

A disappointed fan freaked out that Jay might have broken up with his GF: 'That’s not Dream's man no more? They were cute 🤦🏾‍♀️ I was rooting for them.'

One commenter shared: 'He didn’t have to do dream doll like that. She seems like she liked him 😭'

Someone posted: 'man Chyna was doing so good lately now why she had to go take custody of her son again???🤦🏽‍♀️'

One other commenter assumed that Chyna and Jay are just friends: 'Folks can’t be friends any more?!? Y’all always assuming people are going out just because they are spotted together 😒'

Not too long ago, Chyna shared a clip from her controversial docu-series and addressed emotions and healing.

The clip showed her mom who is not in the best possible state of mind and at first glance Chyna might have seemed too cold for some.


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