Blac Chyna And Soulja Boy Reportedly Broke Up After Fighting Over Tyga!

Blac Chyna And Soulja Boy Reportedly Broke Up After Fighting Over Tyga!
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It seems like Blac Chyna and Soulja Boy were not meant to be! Their relationship was short-lived, and according to a new insider report, the reason why they ended things so quickly was none other than her baby daddy, Tyga!

TMZ reported that Chyna and Soulja have broken up and the main reason was that they just could not stop fighting over her ex, rapper Tyga!

Sources tell the news outlet that the beginning of the end was a ‘massive argument’ over Chyna’s first baby daddy.

Apparently, during their bickering, the two began to question their relationship’s real intentions!

After all, the same news site also previously reported that they started dating at first, just to make Tyga jealous.

But while their short-lived romance seemed to turn into something more, it sounds like Tyga somehow remained at the center of the relationship.

Of course, he was not the only reason they split!

One insider tells TMZ that they were not on the same page about many things.

Supposedly, while Soulja Boy wanted to hang out with Chyna in group settings, Chyna wanted them to have a relaxed, ‘Netflix and chill vibe’ relationship!

As a result, the mother of two felt like the rapper was not ready to commit.

Despite all that, TMZ says that their split was not bitter at all and was in fact, quite amicable.

Some insiders even told the outlet that it is not out of the question for them to try dating each other again in the future.

Are you surprised the two did not last? Do you think they will rekindle their romance at some point or not?

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