Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Reportedly Agree To Pause The Child Support War Until After The Holidays

Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Reportedly Agree To Pause The Child Support War Until After The Holidays

You probably already know that Blac Chyna and her baby daddy Rob Kardashian have been involved in a child support war for quite a while now. New details surface online.

It was recently reported that Rob says Chyna had emotionally hurt him and also that, given the fact she has more money than him, she should pay him child support.

More than that, Rob and his lawyers said that Chyna has been gaining loads of money from the ex couple’s drama.

After these reports based on official documents received by The Blast surfaced, Blac Chyna was not shy at all when it came to responding to accusations.

It was also reported that Rob said he was unable to afford to continue to pay Chyna $20k per month.

The Shade Room writes that 'Rob believes that he should be the one collecting the check and furthermore, claims that due to emotional trauma caused by Chyna, he is unable to return to reality TV.'

TSR writes on their Instagram account the following good news:

'Now, we have learned that the two have agreed to pause the war to enjoy a peaceful holiday. The pair has hopes to continue with the case once the new year begins. According to @Blast, “Rob and Blac are still worlds apart on a settlement.” If they can agree on a reasonable number, they can avoid being taken to trial.'

Commenters have various opinions on the subject, and they made sure to express them in the comments section.

Someone said 'I wish he will stop blaming everybody was his problems and accept some of the responsibility for his own actions.'

Another follower was curious and asked this: 'Didn't Blac Chyna just get a new body part added on or removed?? 20k a month is a lot for a baby ...not saying baby Dream doesn't deserve the world but 20k a month thou????'

Someone else said that 'I'll never understand why he got with her and gave her his first child after being together 3 weeks tho.'

Another person said 'Lmao what kinda beef you put on hold for the holidays??? Lmaooooooooooo,' while someone else said that Chyna never loved Rob in the first place: 'She doesn't and never love him. It was always about the money.'


What is your opinion on these two and their battle?

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