Blac Chyna And Her Mom, Tokyo Toni Are Taking More Steps To Make Their Relationship Better

Blac Chyna And Her Mom, Tokyo Toni Are Taking More Steps To Make Their Relationship Better
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It's been recently reported that Blac Chyna and her mom are trying really hard to mend their tumultuous relationship. Whoever knows these two, also knows that they have been fighting a lot over the years.

There's been a long period of time during which Toni was not even allowed to see Chyna's kids, and she suffered a lot back then.

Chyna shared another video which shows these two having the most intense talk, and at the end, Chyna is seen leaving once again.

'Opening up about my feelings is hard, especially to my mom, who I love despite our challenges... So much more to come from my docu-series #TheRealBlacChyna on @thezeusnetwork. Link in bio,' Chyna captioned her post.

People are not really here for these ladies, especially when they are fighting like this.

A person said: 'Chyna is the way she is because of Tokyo Toni,' and another follower wrote: 'Being around them would give me nothing but anxiety attacks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚'

Someone else shared: 'Her mom is like one of those moms always on crack and tryna act normal to make it seem like they not doing crack πŸ’―πŸ’―'

One commenter posted: 'Chyna has underlying issues she doesn't want to address she needs individual therapy. Lawd. The childhood trauma.'

A person wrote: 'I think enough is enough and Black people need to learn to cancel people who don't bring them peace. This lady was not a good mom to her and she demands to be treated as if she were. I think she allowed horrible things to happen to her daughter and I think they shouldn't even say hi.'

A few days ago, Chyna shared a video featuring her mom on her social media account and she was carrying flowers while being all smiles.

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