Blac Chyna Addresses What It Takes To Heal And Says That Emotions Can Often Get The Best Of Us

Blac Chyna Addresses What It Takes To Heal And Says That Emotions Can Often Get The Best Of Us
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Blac Chyna shared a clip from her controversial docu-series and addressed emotions and healing. The clip shows her mom who is not in the best possible state of mind and at first glance Chyna might seem too cold for some.

But in her caption, Chyna explains a bit about how she's feeling.

'Emotions can often get the best of us but in order to heal you have to take time to work through them... Watch the latest episode of my docu-series #TheRealBlacChyna now on @thezeusnetwork! Link in my bio,' Chyna captioned her post.

Somoene said, 'I would have coped an attitude too if I was getting what you were giving while, pouring my heart out. Damn shame🤔'

Another follower posted: 'I will just be glad when y’all get it together because at this point it’s too much for TV & social media y’all need to fix y’all issues privately.'

Someone else finds Tokyo Toni selfish: 'Oh wow I’m sorry but I find her selfish of course you're Blac Chyna to us you're famous! AND your still Angie if that is she can accept that.'

A person tells Chyna, 'No, she got other issues Chyna she’s not normal.'

One follower believes that Tokyo has the issues of a narcissist personality: 'Look into narcissistic parents and their behavioral patterns. 🙏🏽'

Someone else posted: '🙏🏽it will work out y’all js need to know how to understand each other 💯in it is 2 worlds u girls live in maybe that’s y is so much anger.'

A person believes that Toni is hurt: 'She hurting deep inside she will need help with that before she loves anyone including her own daughter.'

One commenter praises Chyna's patience: 'Angela you are so patient. God will continue to bless you ❤️'

Chyna’s show The Real Blac Chyna managed to become the no.1 show on the Zeus Network.

She posted a message to all her fans on her social media account, thanking them for making this happen .

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