Blac Chyna Addresses Those Skin Bleaching Accusations From Months Ago And Sparks Ever More Backlash!

Blac Chyna Addresses Those Skin Bleaching Accusations From Months Ago And Sparks Ever More Backlash!
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A few months ago, Blac Chyna got some backlash online due to the fact that it seemed like she’d bleached her skin! Not only that but the fact that she associated her name with the Whitenicious skin lightening cream made fans even more outraged.

As you may remember, in November, Chyna partnered up with Whitenicious by Dencia to release a skin lightening cream known as Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating and Lightening Cream.

The product was advertised as something to help with hyperpigmentation and dark spots but that did not stop people from accusing Chyna of using it to actually bleach her skin.

Now, the mother of two addressed those claims while on her Zeus Network reality show, where she and Dencia discussed the topic in detail.

‘When I used to go to Miami my skin was a little bit darker so that raised this whole controversy thing to where it was said that I was bleaching my skin which I wasn’t,’ Chyna stated.

Then, the Cameroon-born cosmetics entrepreneur went on to say that ‘Coming from West Africa, I’ve never had a colorism conversation. You guys fight for your rights to do dumb stuff every day, why can’t I do what I want with my body. If I want to be tan today, I would do it. If I want to be shades lighter, I would do it cause that’s what I want.’

Hearing this, Blac Chyna nodded her head, agreeing to what the other woman said.

As you can imagine, when The Shade Room shared the clip, people were more outraged than ever!

Here are a few of the heated comments on the matter: ‘It’s deeper than doing what you want cause it’s your body, so many people fought and died so our skin color could be accepted and it’s still not.’ / ‘Black people love the skin you’re in please DAMN.’ / ‘Alexa, play BROWN SKIN GIRL [by Beyonce]!!! Blast it and leave it on repeat please. Thanks.’

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