Birdman Un-Breaks Toni Braxton's Heart In Cozy Photo That Confirms Reconciliation -- Keyshia Cole's Ex-Boyfriend Got His Woman Back

Birdman Un-Breaks Toni Braxton's Heart In Cozy Photo That Confirms Reconciliation -- Keyshia Cole's Ex-Boyfriend Got His Woman Back
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It is official, Toni Braxton is no longer singing "Un-Break My Heart" for Birdman. The living legend shared a very sexy photo where she is getting very cozy with the music mogul, and her caption said a lot.

The MC captioned the sweet photo: "4Life." Birdman and his fiancée had split earlier this year after fighting over a wedding date.

However, last week, the power couple sparked reconciliation rumors during Toni's concert in ATL. The stunning diva was performing her classics at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta when Birdman showed up to surprise her onstage.

The lovebirds shared a tight hug, whispered a few sweet words before walking off hand-in-hand -- this confirmed that they were back together.

A source told E! News : “It was hard to tell if his appearance at her show was actually a surprise, or if Toni knew he was there ahead of time. Toni didn’t appear shocked to some members of the audience, because she looked right over in that direction before Birdman walked out.”

In a recent interview, Toni beamed about her man by saying: “In 2016, I was doing a little tour, just testing the market [to see] how far my endurance could go — and I got ill just before we went out. Every day I had a show, he came. Every night he would ask me, ‘Are you okay? Are you good?’ I said, ‘Oh my God, he’s such a great guy!'” When Birdman finally made his move, “He told me he always liked me, and I was like, ‘You never told me!’ And he’s like, ‘Well, you were married!’ He said, ‘I was always digging you.'”

One happy fan had this to say about the picture: "Damn Toni’s gorgeous!!! Unbreeeeaakeee my heeeaaaart say you lovee me agaaaaainnnn. That 😻must be ☄️🔥they make a cute couple I have always love Toni Braxton and bird man 🦅I love a short-haired Toni!"

Another person stated: "I been here for this 👏🏽 hold her down she deserves the best! 💙Man if I married Toni Braxton, it’s an afterlife thang too."

A third follower claimed: "I ain’t mad at him, he knows a good woman when he gets one and my girl Toni is the best!😍🥰💕Clearly, it’s not for us to understand, get your love, Toni !!! Birdman rubbed his hands together right after posting this.😂"

The wedding will take place soon by the looks of things and they seem very close now.

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  • Erica Wynn
    Erica Wynn Feb 2, 2019 7:40 AM PST

    No disrespect but she is doing what females after either 40 or 50 years old are doing : " Being so desperate and codependent on a man to support her in any which way,shape,and/or form". Before we all know it,they're going to break up, again. #nothatinjustsayin.

  • Lisa Jamison
    Lisa Jamison Feb 2, 2019 6:52 AM PST

    Toni keep your Man it's crazy out here if your happy then smile hell you have a real man 😉💯 And Your all woman love you gurl All the way from Gastonia NC

  • Lee
    Lee Feb 2, 2019 5:51 AM PST

    That's wonderful.. THEY may be meant to be. GOD BLESS THEM. Toni is Bird mans calm at the end of the storm.. This man wants a family and he wants to chill and settle down. At the end of the day thatS what it ALL about.. FAMILY.

  • Glenda G Dedmon
    Glenda G Dedmon Feb 2, 2019 5:20 AM PST

    I feel the Love..I want them to remain as One 💖💖💖

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