Birdman Claims He Didn't Break The Toni Braxton Engagement - Addresses Her Missing Ring

Birdman Claims He Didn't Break The Toni Braxton Engagement - Addresses Her Missing Ring
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Reports have been going around that Birdman and Toni Braxton’s engagement ended back in January. That being said, the man decided to finally address the ‘fake’ rumors and explain what happened to Toni’s ring!

It turns out that the pair is still going strong and there are no plans of breaking up in the foreseeable future.

During an interview with Wendy Williams, Birdman mentioned he had no idea how people concluded they ended things over New Year’s.

Wendy started by saying: ‘I’m really, really upset as I was invested in believing in your love with Toni. [But] then I found out you broke her heart and I did not know what to do.’

That is when Birdman asked her where she’d heard such a thing, only for Williams to ask him if she’s actually single or not.

As for where she’d heard the rumor from, Wendy revealed: ‘Social media I guess.’

‘Me, personally, I’ve never been a man that put energy into social media. It was fake. I don’t even know how this s**t took place. I'd never been a man to bring my things to social media,’ Birdman clarified.

Well, it all started with cryptic posts from both Toni and her fiancé on New Year’s Eve!

The man wrote ‘It’s over’ on his platform, before not only deleting that post but also all of his other pictures on the Instagram account.

Soon after, Toni erased all pics as well, with the exception of one, the caption of which read: ‘Starting a new chapter isn’t always an easy choice…but ALWAYS choose to be chosen. Cheers to a new year.’

As you can imagine, the rumors they were over quickly appeared but the pair never confirmed or denied anything, until now!

However, they did meet in a public setting about three weeks later.

Birdman surprised Toni on stage at a concert of hers.

In the middle of her set, Birdman surprised Toni by walking on stage. They shared a long and sweet hug before taking him backstage to chat.

‘So you guys never broke up, you’re together,’ Wendy once again wanted to make sure before she mentioned Toni’s engagement ring disappearing back in November.

‘She told me like a week later. She told me the situation that happened at the airport. It was in her luggage or something at the airport and the bag was left,’ he explained.

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