Billy McFarland Is Back For More: Writing Memoir About Fyre Festival

Billy McFarland Is Back For More: Writing Memoir About Fyre Festival
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Billy McFarland has been exposed as the mastermind behind the Coachella copycat gone wrong. The jailed scammer has contacted the press to reveal that he is writing and releasing a memoir from behind bars.

New York Magazine reported that writer Josh Raab was emailed by a person who simply identified themselves as 'Ana' emailed Josh stating that they would like correspondence as soon as possible.

The message read: "Last month 2 documentaries came out about the FYRE FESTIVAL but unfortunately both misrepresented the real events and Billy would like to share his story. In my experience, if you write back fast as possible, you get the job."

Gaab saw it when he woke up and responded immediately.

It turned out to be Billy's girlfriend who appeared in the Hulu documentary 'Fyre Fraud' -- Anastasia Ermenko. She explained to Josh that McFarland feels misrepresented and is working on a book titled 'Promythus: The God of Fyre' that will be self-published in the spring.

The entrepreneur is currently serving time in the same prison as Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino and word is, they've become great friends.

Even though Billy himself appeared in the Hulu version of the storytelling, he wants to paint his own picture beginning from 2011 leading up to the epically failed event that caused the FBI to take him into custody.

The fraudster previously released a statement from prison that read: "I am incredibly sorry for my collective actions and will right the wrongs I have delivered to my family, friends, partners, associates and, you, the general public. I’ve always sought — and dreamed — to accomplish incredible things by pushing the envelope to deliver for a common good, but I made many wrong and immature decisions along the way and I caused agony. As a result, I’ve lived every day in prison with pain, and I will continue to do so until I am able to make up for some of this harm through work and actions that society finds respectable."

Are you interested in reading anything Billy has to say?

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